Breaking Barrel

Breaking Barrel is a simple, fast paced game where you need to be quick if you want to keep the barrel from emptying and get that top score. Simply touch the barrel with your finger when the cracks appear to plug the holes and keep the liquid in. Rotate the barrel with a swipe of your finger to make sure you cover the whole barrel. You’ll need to be quick to plug all the holes before the barrel empties.


  • Multiple holes to plug
  • Rotating barrel
  • Bonus features to extend game time
  • Global hi-score rankings
  • A great game to waste some time

Make sure you don’t miss the bonuses to increase your game time and score.

Bonus Features

  • 2x – Doubles next plug score
  • Time Freeze – Slows time down for a period
  • Refill – Refills part of the barrel

Race your friends to see who can get that top score and post your score to Facebook or the Game Centre to see how good you are against your friends and the world!

Every plug counts, so enjoy Breaking Barrel today!